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23 november 2021
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10 december 2021

Een brief naar Saartje haar jongere zelf

Voor een internationaal missverkiezingsboek werd Saartje gevraagd om een brief te schrijven naar haar jongere zelf. Met tips, adviezen en vooral heel veel self love. Wij kregen kippenvel tijdens het lezen van de brief en delen deze graag met jullie. In de hoop dat het jullie ook inspireert om trots te zijn op jezelf, jezelf toestaat om fouten te maken en te leren en vooral dat je perfectly imperfect bent op jouw manier.

Hello little Saar,

I wanted to reach you for some time now, but I got sidetracked while paying attention to others’ needs before you. Those days are over now. I know now that the only person I need to make proud is you little Saar, and for about a year I have been thinking of what exactly I want to say to you.

At first, I thought I would start by giving you advice, for what is to come in the future. I thought I could say something about how you should handle things and what you should pay attention to. Now I know better, because I am proud of every decision you are going to make from now on. Even in those days where you felt like there was no room for you to be your authentic self. You have, and are going to handle everything in the imperfectly perfect ‘Saartje’ way. You are going to make mistakes. And that is okay. They might hurt you, get you down. But you will get up, heal, and come back stronger than ever before. You are going to have the highest highs ever. You are capable of so many great things, and you are going to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. You might have a good cry sometimes, but you will push through.

You are a girl who thrives on prejudices, because you love proving them wrong. You wear pink, because you want to show that that color can be perceived as strong. You study until you drop, to show that there is no such thing as a real life ‘Legally blonde’. You show people that tough is not the equivalent to strong, you make new norms. You truly believe in the feminine power that women have, and you do not hide this.There are still many prejudices for us to break, but we will have fun while doing so.

But let’s leave that for the future, let’s get back to you. You are a girl who absolutely hates wearing pants, and will stop at nothing to walk around in dresses. Even if it is cold outside. I still remember us running through that sunflower field in that beautiful creme dress mom sewed for us. It made you feel so free. You love painting and dancing, I still think about those moments we had in our room dancing our hearts out. The way in which you express yourself is the most beautiful thing, and you are going to use this to do some good. First ballet, and then bigger stages. I love how you found a way to let go of all emotions and just be when dancing, because now I always have something to get back to when everything gets too much. I keep thinking about our little room, it seemed so big when I was you. Everything happened there, you love being there by yourself. Reading books, listening to music, rearranging your closet. You love dressing up, and mom had to deal with the mess. I sadly have to deal with the mess myself now :).

Dear Saar, you have a heart so big that you can share your love with everyone who crosses your path.The power in loving so passionately without being scared is something beautiful, and it allows you to see the world in the most magical way. This will give you strength to fight for your beliefs and for the people around you.This love will guide you and help you guide others, and it all started by allowing you to love yourself. I am so proud that you never doubted that love, and you will continue growing because of it.

All I wish to say to you, is enjoy every second of what is about to happen. I will be with you the entire time. I will continue making you proud.

I love you to the moon and back,

Yours sincerely

Saartje Geesje Elisabeth Langstraat